Repair / Maintenance

Commercial business owners are often faced with repair and maintenance issues on their buildings. Whether it is an emergency repair or an on-going maintenance issue, Munger works closely with customers to provide repair services and maintenance solutions for commercial properties in a timely manner.

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  • Commercial Maintenance and Repair CT

    Emergency repairs maintain workplace safety.

  • Building Repair and Maintenance Contractor CT

    Prompt response to weather damage insures building integrity.

  • Repair and Maintenance

    Regular repair and maintenance extends the life of business facilities.

Go-To Construction Partner


Learn About The Benefits Of A Maintenance/Repair Contractor

Take the time to select a competent, versatile, go-to construction partner who can customize a program with value solutions for each respective situation. Evaluate candidates based on their cultural fit with your organization along with other important dimensions.

  • Trust that they will quickly arrive to analyze and attend to each situation.
  • Confirm their methodology differentiates symptoms from underlying problems before recommending a solution. Can the root cause be addressed immediately or does the symptom require a quick fix followed by a plan for a
    long term solution?
  • Verify a proven breadth of repair and maintenance competencies, including drywall, ceiling work, carpentry, roofing systems, metal siding/metal roofing, masonry and concrete.
  • Validate fairness with respect to fees charged for unplanned situations.


Root Cause Analysis Examples


Water leakage causes building siding and exterior envelope deterioration.

  • Quick Fix: Patch
  • Long Term:
    • Cut out and install new masonry
    • Install new siding over old masonry
  • “Building owners and facility managers who want to optimize the value of their investment must quickly address emergency repairs, but also budget for preventive maintenance and cosmetic repairs.”
  • Read our Tech Tip: Protect Masonry Buildings 


Roof system in disrepair causes internal leakage.


Age, snow, ice removal techniques and ice melt cause cracking and heaving sidewalks resulting in safety concerns and aesthetics issues.


Snow and ice falling from roof damages gutters and downspouts.



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