Our Culture

1. Providing Unequaled Customer Service
2. Empowering an Exceptional Workforce
3. Making a Positive Difference in Our Community

Our Culture: Cultivating Excellence with Integrity, Innovation, and People-Centric Values

At Pat Munger Construction Company, Inc., we lead with integrity, innovation, and a commitment to people-centric values. With over five decades of experience, Munger Construction stands out in the competitive world of construction by balancing operational excellence with a strong dedication to our employees and customers.

Building a Legacy of Trust and Excellence

Since our founding in 1968, Munger Construction has evolved into a full-service design-build general contractor serving diverse industries across Connecticut. Our deep commitment to core values is the foundation of our success, fostering a culture where every team member is aligned with our mission of delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Bishop’s Orchards, Guilford, CT –Repeat Customer Since 1995

New office building offers interior fit-up flexibility.

Massey Properties, Branford, CT – Repeat Customer Since 1996

Unequaled Customer Service Van Wilgens

Van Wilgen’s Garden Center – Repeat Customer Since 1996

Existing office renovation creates modernized interior space.

Thule, Seymour, CT – Repeat Customer Since 1998

Long time, repeat Munger customer.

North Haven Autobody, North Haven, CT – Repeat Customer Since 2000


The Lee Company, Westbrook, CT – Repeat Customer Since 2004

Investing in People: The Heart of Munger’s Success

Our success is deeply rooted in the strength of our team. With an average employment tenure of 10 years, we demonstrate our commitment to our workforce. Each employee receives an annual education budget, underscoring the importance of continuous learning and development. President David DeMaio states, “At Munger, our success is deeply rooted in the strength of our team and the partnerships we build. Investing in our people ensures we deliver exceptional results for our customers every time.”

Exceptional Workforce – Empowering Employees to Achieve Beyond Boundaries

From field workers to office staff, Munger employees readily meet performance expectations that raise us above the competition. Each employee is a valued and integral part of the Munger team. As David DeMaio puts it, “As Captain, I know the Munger ship is steady and can stay the course, thanks to my competent and dedicated shipmates.”

Exceptional Workforce 3Exceptional Workforce 2


Innovative Leadership for a Sustainable Future

Leadership at Munger Construction is about setting a course for the future. Our leadership team engages in collective goal-setting and decision-making, regularly assessing the business through structured meetings. This approach keeps the company flexible and aligned with long-term objectives. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we have developed a Tier-II leadership team focused on preparing for future challenges and nurturing the next generation of leaders. This forward-thinking approach is a key aspect of our core value to learn, share, and elevate together.

Strong Customer Relationships and Community Engagement

Our commitment to our customers is reflected in our impressive 80% rate of repeat business. This loyalty is built on trust and our unwavering dedication to quality. Long-lasting relationships with business advisors like Paul D’Andrea and John Bernardi have significantly enhanced our strategic direction.

Paul D’Andrea’s expertise in risk management and operational efficiency has helped us streamline processes and manage risks, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. John Bernardi’s innovative marketing strategies have expanded our reach and solidified our reputation as a leader in the construction industry.

Vice President James DeMaio highlights the importance of these relationships: “Our collaborative environment allows us to tackle challenges head-on and deliver on our promises to customers and employees. Our attention to detail ensures that every project is executed precisely and carefully.”

Beyond customer satisfaction, we believe in giving back to the community. Our involvement in local food banks and charitable activities enhances our reputation as a responsible and ethical business partner.

SMALL Acts Make BIG differences

Munger Construction understands the importance of supporting the community and has been collecting food for the Guilford Food Bank and other local organizations for the past 20 years. For many years, Munger employees volunteered at the Walmart in Guilford, promoting the “Fill the Truck” initiative for holiday food baskets for families in need. Due to COVID, this effort shifted to collecting gift card donations to Big Y, which were then provided to Guilford Social Services for distribution. In addition to holiday efforts, Munger Construction collects non-perishable food items from employees year-round, donating them to food banks throughout Connecticut.

Reaching out into the community, Munger works towards the dream that no one should go hungry. This includes making donations to local food banks in honor of valued customers, partnering with Guilford Veterinary Hospital for the annual “Fill the Truck” food drive, and initiating the “Munger Challenge.” This challenge encourages employees and business partners to drop off one non-perishable food item at the start of each week to build collections for local food pantries. These efforts reinforce the truth that one small act, multiplied by many people, really does make a difference.

Positive Dif. in Community 1Positive Dif. in Community2

Setting the Benchmark for the Industry

Pat Munger Construction Company Inc. is more than just a construction company—it’s a model of what it means to be a forward-thinking, people-centric organization. Through our unified operating system, collective goal-setting, future-focused leadership, robust training programs, and innovative meeting formats, we demonstrate a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

For business owners looking to elevate their operations, Munger Construction offers a blueprint for success. By prioritizing our employees, fostering strong partnerships, and living our core values, we set a benchmark for quality and innovation in the construction industry.

In a world where businesses aim to balance profit with purpose, Pat Munger Construction Company, Inc. shines by achieving both—and excelling at it. Guided by our purpose, ‘Build the Best – Be the Best,’ we truly set the standard for excellence.