In order to create the right high quality facility for each individual customer, Munger builds lasting partnerships with market makers, whose products we confidently integrate into our solutions, and with complementary vendors who provide services that enable us to offer a total solution.

Partnerships for a Total Solution

A Munger project combines internal knowledge, capabilities and experience with excellent partnerships.



Architects & Designers

Working in cooperation with architects designers and end users, Munger is involved in the value engineering process, recommending the best in technology from leading suppliers and integrating it into well-designed construction projects. Munger recruits architects to work for clients who appreciate the value of design. Munger provides detailed, accurate information and coordinates with the design team to create cost estimates for Munger proposals. This partnership insures confidence that what is designed can be constructed within the budget provided.

“When the Bishops selected Munger to implement the design, I was very pleased because of the prior work we had done together on another project”
Del Simmons, John A. Matthews Architects project manager

“Munger was easy to do business with, caring, responsive and passionate about what they were doing. My client, Star Supply, was very responsive to their suggestions. They had a very nice working relationship and mutual understanding. A fair exchange on both sides, when negotiating change orders, puts people at ease. Munger’s project manager did a superb job of staying on top of everything and was always available for us. Munger completed a number of punch list finishing touches without interrupting business operations. I am delighted with their responsiveness when we need them to return for a particular issue that we discover after-the-fact.”

Art Ratner, Ratner Architects Principle

“We continue to be impressed by Munger’s devotion to the value engineering process. It is satisfying for us as architects when the builder advises the customer regarding risk/reward and provides value engineering by bouncing ideas back and forth to optimize ROI”.

Gary Tierney, DesignTwo Architects

Building Systems Manufacturers

Varco Pruden LogoPre-engineered metal building systems are accepted in almost every commercial and industrial application. Munger is an authorized Varco Pruden Builder. Varco Pruden Buildings is one of the leading metal building systems manufacturers in the world, producing the most well-designed, highest quality, most efficient commercial and industrial buildings available today.  Varco Pruden also offers sustainable building options for LEED certification consideration.   Partnering with Varco Pruden to provide a superior product, outstanding engineering capabilities, and unequaled customer service, results in total customer satisfaction.

Trade Contractors

Much of a general contractor’s success is relative to the quality of sub-contractors working with them.  Specialty trades including sitework, steel erection, glass, roofing, drywall, painting, fire protection, security, controls, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are performed by a core of our loyal sub-contractors.  These skilled and knowledgeable sub-contractors are extremely competent in the design-build process as well as being experts in their field.  Many have worked with Munger for more than 20 years.  They understand the design/build process and have the ability to think through a task and put it down in estimate format, with or without blueprints.  Munger is confident that our sub-contractors are providing us with the best possible prices without compromising value and quality.

Sustainable Building Partners

Munger’s external sustainable energy consultant assists by advising our clients regarding sustainable energy solutions for their buildings, focusing on Energy Efficiency programs, Solar Electric PV and Solar Thermal systems.  Areas of expertise include financial justification, system design and installation of Solar PV and Thermal systems, and specifically their integration with existing commercial building infrastructures.

Munger also partners with a solar company to design, install, and maintain photovoltaic solar projects on both new construction and existing buildings. This partnership allows Munger to offer turnkey solutions for Connecticut customers to integrate solar systems into their asset portfolio.

Independence Solar

Independence Solar
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