Total Tree Care- New Construction

280 Schoolhouse Road
Cheshire, CT 06410

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Design/Build solution allows consolidation of two dissimilar businesses.

Read about how Munger’s turnkey, design/build solution enabled Total Tree Care to consolidate multiple locations and merge a newly formed business into one flexible, cost effective, warehouse and garage with more outside yard space.

Total Tree Care

Seasonality affects the ability to keep crews busy during the winter. In 1994, the owners launched Arbor Oil to supply heating oil and services to customers in its regional area. Arbor Oil became successful as a stand-alone company and provides a seasonal revenue complement to Total Tree Care. Both companies shared a common facility.

The Business Challenge

Two dissimilar businesses need a new home with the flexibility for future expansion, modification, and improved working conditions for 30 employees. Minimize owner’s time involvement with architects, builders, and subcontractors.

The delivery method for tick repellent and fertilizer is water-based; as a result, truck plumbing and pumps are prone to freeze in early spring and late fall. Furthermore, on September 11, 2001, the DOT initiated more stringent standards for HAZMAT oil truck transporters by requiring them to be securely garaged.

The Regional Water Authority restricts the proximity of chemicals to public water supplies.

No map or history identified the hidden barite mines and sunken well, which caused the excavator’s vibratory roller to sink 8-feet into the soil. Large amounts of unsuitable soil containing buried wood chips and gravel had to be removed and replaced. Costs would be covered by out-of-pocket funds.

The Solution

Clear-span multi-functional Varco Pruden building, which can be easily expanded or modified, provides cost effective office, warehouse and garage with more outside yard space.

Turnkey design/build solution by Pat Munger Construction.

Weather-tight, insulated, and secure garage for specialty vehicles.

A 50-gallon per minute water line from the street to the rear garage allows trucks to be filled inside during harsh conditions.

Without affecting the project timeline and maintaining a focus on minimizing unplanned costs, Munger recruited Dr. Clarence Welti, who recommended a soil solution that was implemented by subcontractor, Tenedine Construction.

Synergy Eliminates Season Revenue Slump for Total Free Care

Arbor Oil’s growth drove the need to expand the former headquarters facility. The combined companies needed a larger parcel of land and additional office and warehouse space. Moving to a new location would enable them to operate the business more efficiently by consolidating multiple yard spaces from various locations into one campus setting. After a two-year search, land that satisfied zoning requirements was discovered on Schoolhouse Road. The owners were faced with a significant investment for land acquisition and new construction. They negotiated a basic
financing plan that did not cover contingencies.


• Employees enjoy their new professional work
• By housing its vehicles, Total Tree Care operates a
longer tree care season and generates additional
• The new location provides the required yard space to
recycle wood product into high quality landscape
mulch. Being located near Interstate 691 provides
quick access to customers. This new product line
has increased Total Tree Care revenues
• Eliminating outside exposure to vehicles saved on
maintenance costs
• Double pane, tinted windows provide energy savings
from greenhouse efficiencies when the sun is low in
the sky in the fall and winter
• The building’s personality enables growth without
space constraints
• DOT and Water Authority compliance

Project Description


  • 4,000 sq-ft office space
  • 14,000 sq-ft warehouse space


• Office and garage side-by-side separated by 3-hour
• Well-insulated heated and unheated storage areas
• Equipment in a secure environment suitable for
outfitted vehicles, some of which are valued at over
$100,000 due to onboard plumbing and pump
• 2nd floor mezzanine left unfinished for future office


  • Varco Pruden pre-engineered steel building
  • Varco Pruden standing seam metal roof
  • Tinted double pane windows

Project Subcontractors 

• Tenedine Construction – Site Work
Allied Mechanical Services – HVAC
• Delson Plumbing
• Empire Drywall – light gauge framing and drywall
• R. A. Torre – Painting
• Pat Munger Construction – concrete work


“I wouldn’t have imagined that such a large project would go so smoothly. The Munger team led by Joe Pierandi managed the project for me. Munger will continue to beat the commercial builder stereotype by delivering what they say they’re going to deliver.” – Luke Williams, President, Total Tree Care