The Lee Company, Building 82 Expansion

Westbrook, CT 06498

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The Business Situation 

Building #82, an 88,450 SF facility that houses the Industrial Microhydraulics (IMH) Group, was built by Munger Construction in 2012. Since then, the IMH division experienced tremendous growth due to an increase in product demand. In order to continue meeting the highest standards in quality, reliability and customer service, a major expansion to the existing building was necessary. Munger was tasked with building a 130,000 SF expansion for the purpose of additional manufacturing space for the division.


The expansion, which is Munger’s largest project in square footage for The Lee Company, was required to be seamlessly attached to the existing structure. The sheer size and complexity of the new manufacturing footprint, required a thoughtful team approach to solve the unique construction and design challenges.


Prior to the construction phase, extensive site work and grading was performed to ensure the two buildings would be on exactly the same level. To maximize the connectivity of the two buildings, an enclosed walkway was included in the design to allow employees easy access to the new area. This required the building that is currently operating to be opened up and exposed to the elements. Because of the extremely sensitive equipment used by the IMH Group on a daily basis, protective processes were performed to ensure no machinery was damaged. As the addition serves to expand the manufacturing footprint for the division, several specialized utilities needed to be run from the existing facility, as opposed to installing costly systems for the new building. The Munger team utilized the established connection point to integrate the utility lines into the expanded space.


Functionality, efficiency and aesthetics were all key factors in the successful completion of this large-scale building expansion. Munger met these requirements while staying well within the time constraints and budget laid out by The Lee Company.

    • 100,000 SF of additional manufacturing space, satisfying the production criteria of a rapidly growing division.
    • 30,000 SF mezzanine housing state-of-the-art heating & cooling systems and specialized manufacturing process equipment.
    • Varco Pruden continuous beam framing system, incorporating multiple jack beams and a wide bay system.
    • A Uni-Strut Grid System included in the design to support mechanical and electrical systems, maximizing manufacturing
      flexibility throughout the facility.
    • A high-performance humidity control system for a low humidity environment that is crucial for production purposes.
    • Varco Pruden Siding System with high R-value keeping heating and cooling costs down.
    • PrisMAX daylighting roof panels and lighting control systems, driving down energy costs during day time operations.
    • Striking entry vestibule and paneling consistent with The Lee Company branding image.

Design For Success 

The success of this project is in part due to the strong emphasis The Lee Company puts on involving Munger in the early stages of the design process. Over the roughly 2-year design phase, Munger worked with Noyes Vogt Architects and the IMH Group to develop a plan that met all of the division’s requirements. Through this early collaboration, Munger applied extensive design-build knowledge and experience to provide realistic, accurate and detailed construction estimates. As a result, the cost per square foot was significantly reduced, ultimately allowing The Lee Company to build a larger facility.

A Relationship Of Confidence And Trust 

Over the last 15 years, Munger Construction and The Lee Company have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship that is built on confidence and trust. The Lee Company trusted the Munger team to adhere to a stringent construction timeline in order for the IMH Group to meet production deadlines. Through careful coordination of subcontractor scheduling, Munger kept the 130,000 SF project running smoothly, successfully meeting The Lee Company’s completion date.

“During our long relationship, we’ve always been impressed with Munger’s professionalism and dedication to customer service. This, along with Munger always delivering a quality, well managed product at a fair price, has retained us as repeat customers.” – Leighton Lee IV, Facilities Manager, The Lee Company 

Teamwork Essential For Success 

The design phase of this building expansion project was a collaborative effort between Noyes Vogt Architects and the Munger Estimating/Engineering Department. Both Munger and Noyes Vogt Architects are very familiar with the design requirements of The Lee Company, making the process seamless. Key Munger employees involved throughout this project were Steve Mansfield, Head of Estimating, Michael Cormier Sr., Project Manager, Dan Lamberton, On-Site Project Manager, and James DeMaio, Project Supervisor. Subcontractors necessary for the success of the project included:

Hallahan Trucking & Excavation- excavation & sitework, GR Wade- HVAC, Marino Mechanical- plumbing, Empire Drywall Construction- interior framing, wall and ceiling finishing, All-Brite Electricelectrical work, R.A. Torre- painting, Massey’s Plate Glass and Aluminum, & glazing, First Choice Builders- steel building erection,
Gargiulo Constructionconcrete work