Quality Hyundai Solar

115 Peat Meadow Road
New Haven, CT 06513

The team of Pat Munger Construction Company, Inc. and Independence Solar, LLC has installed a PV solar energy system for Quality Hyundai of New Haven, CT.

Quality Hyundai is the area’s first auto dealership facility to be entirely solar powered through its new 130,000-watt rooftop solar plant. 521 solar panels occupy 22,000 sq. ft. on the Quality Hyundai rooftop. The system will generate 146,000 kWh annually, equivalent to what is needed to power 25 average American homes. It will power everything in the facility from show room to service center. If the system produces more electricity than the dealership requires, the meter will run backwards and UI will buy the excess capacity from Quality Hyundai. The system will eliminate 3,000 tons of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the project.

In 2013 Quality Hyundai had selected Munger to convert the former regional U.S. Post Office processing center on Frontage Road in New Haven into a state of the art 24,000 sq. ft. car dealership.

“Creating Quality Hyundai’s world class car dealership facility gave Munger the opportunity to showcase the breadth of commercial design/build services that we offer.  This enabled us to continue our Quality Hyundai relationship as we were selected to be the general contractor for the PV Solar project.”

David DeMaio, President, Pat Munger Construction

Munger was accountable for PV solar system project management, permitting and installation. Munger’s partner, Independence Solar, the project developer, was responsible for electrical system design, financing, material procurement, and for facilitating the relationship with UI.

Quality Hyundai is making a positive impact through this new facility. “In addition to solar energy, we have made our dealership very eco-friendly through cutting-edge lighting and recycling,” said Blichfeldt. Daylighting systems harvest sunlight through a prismatic roof-top lens that diffuses and distributes light into the interior space. These SunPorts reduce the electricity required to light the building during daylight hours. LED electrical lights last much longer, use much less power and use fewer chemicals than fluorescent bulbs. They can be turned off an average of 7-9 hours per day. There is a high efficiency HVAC system and the service center is heated by a state of the art system that is fueled by reused motor oil. Interior and exterior framing systems include 1-inch clear, energy efficient Low E glass.