Premier Subaru Middlebury – New Construction

Pat Munger Construction Company, Inc., in its third collaboration with Bob Alvine and the Premier Auto Group, has once again raised the bar in automotive dealership construction. The new Premier Subaru dealership located at 1660 Straits Turnpike in Middlebury, CT is a masterpiece of design and functionality, covering 33,000 square feet of advanced automotive service and sales space.

The Solution

The new facility boasts a modern showroom that accommodates eight cars and features amenities such as a coffee bar, a cozy fireplace, and a unique antique Subaru display. The design, crafted by John A. Matthews Architects using a Varco Pruden pre-engineered steel building, creates a welcoming and impressive environment for customers. The service section is state-of-the-art with 30 bays, including 18 drive-thru lanes, three express service lifts, and two high-tech computer alignment stations. A 50-seat waiting area with a clear view into the service area through a glass partition allows customers to watch as their vehicles are expertly handled by trained technicians.

The Business Situation

This project marks the third major undertaking between Munger and the Premier Auto Group, highlighting a sustained relationship built on trust, quality, and mutual respect. Each project has been a step forward in showcasing Premier Auto Group’s commitment to offering top-notch facilities alongside their large inventory of Subaru and Kia models.

Teamwork Essential For Success

The project was a collaborative effort, beginning with the visionary architectural services provided by John A. Matthews Architects and culminating in the precision execution by Munger Construction’s team. This partnership has consistently delivered exceptional results, reinforcing the strength and capabilities of all parties involved. “We are very proud to be recognized by Varco Pruden Buildings as a 2022 Hall of Fame award winner,” stated David DeMaio, president of Munger. “These projects not only showcase the advanced architectural vision and engineering expertise but also highlight our team’s technical construction capabilities.”


The new Premier Subaru dealership sets a new standard for automotive facilities in Connecticut, providing an unrivaled customer experience and significantly enhancing service and sales capacity. It stands as a testament to the enduring partnership and shared success between Munger and Premier Auto Group. “Our repeat collaborations with Munger Construction reflect our trust in their ability to deliver outstanding facilities that enhance our customer’s experience and meet our brand’s high standards,” said Bob Alvine, owner of Premier Auto Group.