Massey Properties- Renovation / Interior Fit-Up

758 East Main Street
Branford, CT 06405

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Munger Construction and The Massey Companies have had a strong, mutually beneficial business relationship since 1997. Munger has provided building services for multiple projects including work on their corporate offices at 734 East Main Street, Branford, and buildings for commercial lease at 758 and 780 East Main Street. Buildings are designed for interior fit-up flexibility and include many unique features. 758 features intricate external columns formed by recessed plate glass within metal panel systems that deliver natural light and energy efficiency.

Munger and Massey’s – A “Repetitive Relationship” Since 1996

Even after 13 years, company owners recall how skillfully Munger seamlessly “raised the roof” for the addition of new executive offices and conference room to Massey’s 734 East Main Street, Branford, CT headquarters [which also enhanced the building’s appearance].

Both Companies Play Key Roles In Each Other’s Business

Munger Is A General Contractor and Design/Build Service Provider for Massey Properties

758 East Main Street

– 8000 sq-ft office building designed for interior fit-up flexibility.

– Intricate external columns formed by recessed plate glass within metal panel systems deliver natural light and energy efficiency.


758 East Main Street

– 6000 sq-ft office building designed for interior fit-up flexibility

– Overcame zoning challenges within 5 feet of neighboring property and wetlands proximity


“Munger innovatively combines design/build and traditional building skills to make a metal building look very attractive.” – Bob Massey Jr.,CEO


Munger is GC and design/build service provider for Massey’s new All Panel Systems 6000 sq-ft fabrication facility. Features include high roof line for extra storage, oversized overhead doors to ease material flow, and “clear story glass” for natural light.

“Munger Subcontracts Massey’s for Commercial and Industrial Projects at Every Opportunity”  David DeMaio, Munger President

Munger Plays a Key Role on Massey’s Projects

Renovations, Additions, and New Construction Services

“Munger expertly renovated the lobby of the Smith Towers elderly housing facility that needed to remain open during construction. Others act like brokers who sub-contract key elements of the project. Munger retains in-house control of basic functions. Key people have been there since 1996.” Bob Massey Jr., CEO

A Continuously Evolving Relationship Between Two Companies

by Bob Massey Jr

Munger helps Massey’s to retain a strong brand position in the marketplace. Our 13 year unique relationship continues to evolve thru 1to1 trust where the owners only need to shake hands and the deal is solid. We both go the extra mile through similar customer-centric cultures.

Munger employees are high integrity people who are in it for the long haul. They are respectful professionals who have pride in quality workmanship – an old time work ethic. Munger follows modern business practices, but retains that old fashioned flair for detail and being easy to work with.

Munger builds win/win partnerships with their vendors and treats sub-contractors like employees. Unlike many others, they don’t take advantage of you. They always work to find a solution without pointing fingers. We don’t work with those who don’t have this resume.

All participants meet Munger standards. They’re big on safety and strict with subs but flexible to accommodate their customer’s preferred suppliers and subcontractors without wavering from Munger standards. Other GCs get their foot in the door and then expand their presence via change orders. Munger is adept at scoping each project, which minimizes change orders and unpleasant surprises. Transparency means no hidden costs at the time of proposal. This attitude trickles down to their subs as well. I’ve heard those tempted by a low price say after the fact, “I wish we had gone with the Munger solution.”

Munger minimizes risk by aligning everyone through effective communications – during design phase, at project kick-off and during weekly status meetings. Munger’s well written contracts prepare us to understand our role in the overall deliverable. Their pre-scope face-to-face meetings are unique. Other GCs usually mail us something, which we try to interpret.

Munger’s not the biggest company we work with, but they’re the best. I’m proud to be associated with a company that has grown to where it is by doing all the right things.




“We are pleased with our decision to go “green” by pursuing this sustainable energy solution for our business and we applaud Munger Construction for a job well done.”

Robert J. Massey, Jr., CEO, Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum