Improper Repairs to Metal Roof Systems May Cause Serious Damage

As a metal roofing system ages, repairs may be necessary in order to prevent leakage and damage to your building. Many building owners without experience may attempt to handle repairs by themselves, in turn causing further, long-term damage to their roofing system.

Several common sealant products, such as aluminum roofing paint, roofing cement and silicone roofing caulk are advertised as simple solutions for roof repair, when in reality, these applicants can cause larger issues for building owners in the future. Due to the expansion and contraction movement of a metal roof system, these types of sealant materials will not bond properly to the surface and over time will crack and degrade, allowing moisture to become trapped in between the roof and the sealant. When these leaks go unnoticed, as they commonly are, significant rot and structural deterioration will inevitably occur to your building’s roof.

Cracked sealant jeopardizes roof integrity

Although it may seem more economically savvy to perform these repairs in-house, hiring a General Contractor to evaluate the situation will prolong the life of your roofing system without the risk of further damage.

As a company that specializes in the construction of metal buildings, Munger has extensive experience in assessing metal roof damage and finding a solution tailored to the problem. Over time, we have developed an effective system for sealing metal roofs and eliminating potential risks for years to come. Our 6-step process, specifically designed for metal roof repairs, involves several layers which collectively form a flexible and weathertight membrane.

Roofing cement degrades from sun & weather over time

Munger’s System Improves Metal Roofs in The Following Ways:

• Creates a seamless, weathertight barrier
• Eliminates rust and corrosion
• Reflects away heat and harmful U/V radiation
• Reduces heating and cooling costs
• Greatly reduces thermal shock damage
• Improves aesthetic appearance
• Reduces roof replacement expenses

Building owners will benefit from consulting a General Contractor experienced in the metal roofing industry prior to performing repairs. Our team will help you to evaluate the appropriate solution to ensure the longevity of your roofing system.