Guilford Veterinary Hospital

81 Saw Mill Road
Guilford, CT 06437

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Guilford Veterinary Hospital

Founded in 1954, the Guilford Veterinary Hospital has been recognized by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for quality of care provided by veterinarians who diagnose and treat
animals using the most up to date methods so that pets may lead the healthiest and happiest lives possible.

Guilford Veterinary Hospital after Building Renewal.

Guilford Veterinary Hospital before Building Renewal.

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The Business Situation

A former residence, built in the days before zoning regulations, served as the home of the Guilford Veterinary Hospital for 19 years until 1973 when it was renovated to support 3 veterinarians. Since then it became an undersized and outdated medical facility with interior electrical hazards and expansion limited by exterior ledge that was higher than the finished floor level. By 2005, with 6 vets and a full staff, they needed to benefit from new technology in a larger, brighter and more open environment that is convenient for staff and customers. The owners were referred to a Louisiana architectural firm that specializes in designing veterinary facilities and who developed the winning plans in the Veterinary Economics hospital of the year issue. They were ready to
customize this template to fit their needs. Munger Construction completed extensive expansion, renovation, repair and upgrades to create a larger, brighter and more open environment that is convenient for staff and customers and includes all the latest in new technology.

The Challenge 

This wintertime renovation had to be completed without any interruption in day to-day business activities with particular attention to staff and client safety and full time availability of surgery and emergency areas.

The Solution 

A dual-purpose roofing system provided a canopy under which the old roof was removed while staff and customers were protected from adverse winter weather conditions.

The new roof that covers the renovated and enlarged 7,000 sq-ft facility looks as if it were framed as one.

Understanding Our Customers Business

“Munger made a lasting impression on us”, said owner Dr. Ralph Schoemann. “Installing a new roof atop the old one prior to beginning the renovation proved that they were listening to us. They worked around our need for space and we appreciated that the same foreman was on the job for the entire project. He continuously made helpful suggestions during the six month project. When choices were required on the fly, he had plenty of options to pick from.”

Munger Project Manager, Joe Raccio stated, “By spending time getting to know their business, we were able to make recommendations to satisfy immediate needs and to positively impact future plans that we learned from them along the way. We were able to accomplish this because the same project manager was on the job from day one through completion of the final punch list.”

“Connecting the old structure, plumbing and electrical facilities with the new one and have it blend in and look the way it was supposed to look shows their technical and innovative competency. The animals were not at all stressed during construction.” – Dr. Ralph Schoemann

Munger’s Leadership Role

After Design2 Architects aligned this pre-existing nonconforming use building with Guilford design review board requirements, they migrated the template design into a workable set of construction documents from which Munger created pricing schedules and project plans.

Munger people acted as general contractor, installed foundations and slabs, and provided framing and finish carpentry of doors, windows, interiors, cabinetry and benches. (During initial excavation the crew encountered ledge that was higher than the finished floor level. They acted quickly by blasting to the right level and then completed excavation with minimal impact on the schedule.)

We conducted weekly job and scheduling meetings with their doctors.

We coordinated the electrical system upgrade and the conversion from old to new well and septic systems.

We ensured that the quality of work performed by an independent network provider was within project guidelines.

We carefully choreographed the migration of hospital staff and processes from the old to new building.


According to Raccio, “It was a challenging job.
They had to remain in business while we were
redoing the entire facility. They didn’t shut down
for a minute.”

• A renovated and expanded facility with attractive
cabinetry, windows and siding looks like one
building under one uniform roof with appropriate
egress and handicap accessibility.

• A standout entrance, expanded front desk, lobby
and reception area, and 3 additional examining
rooms are major improvements from the original

• The 5-zone HVAC provides a consistently
comfortable environment compared to the original
2-zone system.

• People are more productive and the facility is
easier to keep clean.

• Customers and staff have favorably commented
about its brightness, cleanliness, comfort,
spaciousness, and optimized traffic flows.

Efficient Subcontractor Relationships

According to Schoemann, “Unlike experiences I’ve had with other builders, Munger’s subcontractors arrived on time 95% of the time and Munger showed a consistent knack for bringing in their subcontractors for quick needs that weren’t included in the project plan.” Raccio said, “We benefit when we are able to contract the same subs from job to job. We get to know each other’s operations and it’s a win/win situation.”

Munger’s Sub-contractors

B&L Constructionexcavation
Dee’s Roofing
• New Image Contractors – siding
Massey Glassglass and storefront
• Empire Drywall – sheet rock
• Total Electric
• Delson Plumbing
• Floors and More – floor coverings
• Torre Painting Contractors
• Custom Security