Erin’s Gym is named in memory of Erin Babineau, a ten year old girl whose life was taken on February 22, 2005 in a tragic car accident.  The 12,000 SF Varco Pruden pre-engineered steel building provides indoor athletic fields for sports and camp activities.  The 2,300 SF mezzanine space houses viewing and training areas.  A community room is also available for meetings and children’s parties.

Erin’s favorite colors, blue and purple, are incorporated throughout the interior of the building.  PureGrass, a new, artificial grass surface provides the playing surface.  The interior walls are padded and a netting divider can be raised and lowered to separate the area into sections.  The exterior of the building showcases a brick accentuated lower façade and cupola on top of the cool red, standing seam roof.   Building details satisfy the town requirements for construction within the historic district.

“There’s an obvious people investment in professionalism and consistency throughout Munger Construction from top to bottom. A similar trust is engrained by Munger with their subs. This is Munger’s core competency. Munger did a phenomenal job creating a versatile 12,000 sq. ft. field house for youths on time and at budget.”

Jeff Babineau, Erin’s Gym

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