Building Renewal

Our custom commercial Building Renewal solutions enable business owners to enjoy the benefits of a new facility without having to leave their old one. Building renewal extends the life of a building, increases its value and functionality, reduces maintenance costs, improves energy efficiency and reduces its carbon footprint, creates room for expansion, enhances aesthetic appeal, and improves employee morale and productivity.

  • Best Commercial Construction Company CT

    Quality Hyundai purchased old US Postal Service building for new dealership.

  • Building renewal totally transforms auto dealership.

  • Building Renewal Contractor CT

    Plain building exterior in need of a “makeover.”

Commercial Building Renewal in CT

Commercial Building Renewal offers business owners the option to rejuvenate their building at a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new one. Interior commercial Building Renewal applies to more efficient use of existing space, ceilings, flooring, wall systems, trims, doors, cabinets, lighting systems, energy efficiency and environmental controls. Exterior commercial Building Renewal considers expansion, building envelope retrofit, replacement siding, new entrance or storefront with modern architectural features, facades and canopies, updated roofing systems, energy efficient windows, insulation upgrades, and daylighting. A lifecycle cost benefit analysis weighs the value of product and design options. We help customers navigate the steps required to qualify for available grants and incentive dollars.

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