Customer Satisfaction

Munger associates assist customers in all aspects of their construction projects – small jobs and repairs or high-impact projects. Our team is involved from initial assessment and design through project completion. Customers take an active role in material/product selection within budget parameters.

Customer Satisfaction Earns Lifetime Relationships

We get to know our customers based on individual needs and preferences, creating tailored solutions that are adaptable to their needs. Munger strives to make it easy for customers to do business with us at every stage of their project.  We want them to rely on us when they need additional work and to refer us to others who need a reliable and dependable builder who provides quality construction without compromising integrity, budget, or professionalism.

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“During our 13-year relationship with Munger we have received excellent work from the simplest repairs to more complex building projects ranging from oil pits, ventilation systems, metal roofing and a 45,000 square-foot design/build office and manufacturing addition – our single defining project. Like all of their jobs, it was completed on time and on budget. Workmanship was excellent. It continues to be the centerpiece of our facility. Attention to detail is obvious from start to finish in all of their projects. Munger has always been there for our “rush” projects.”  Greg Jankura, Rea-Algonquin Industries

“After 27 years of leasing space, spending $800,000 on our own facility made us feel uncomfortable. From day one, Munger quickly responded to bank and SBA requests for detailed construction information. We never heard from inspectors regarding construction issues. They were quite impressed with how clean the site was kept. They are down to earth. They stick with the original approach proving a confidence that the end result will be achieved although minor issues will arise. When we discovered that the entrance area would not be as presentable as we would have liked, Munger re-engineered it for a reasonable cost uplift. It came out very nice. They solved day-to-day issues behind the scenes, but kept us apprised of the overall situation. They repair small maintenance problems – the next day. I can’t believe that the project was completed when they said it was going to be completed and for the cost that was promised. They are so different from the stereotype. ‘Call my cell whenever you need to contact me’ meant a lot coming from their president.” Douglas F. Rice, President Chester Technical Services, Inc.

“Munger provided peace of mind. They have great people. Their management is ‘Johnny on the spot’ with their finger on the pulse of each project. They are convenient, painless, seamless and honest, which is what builds relationships. These qualities are as important to me as quality workmanship. Being an involved customer, Munger welcomed my enthusiasm with open arms.” Susan Wiedmann, Centre Manager, LandRover Guilford

“We kept our operations in full swing during the construction with very little disruption, much to our satisfaction.”   Dennis Knapp, Murphy Moving & Storage, Inc.

“Munger’s turnkey solution is seamless with no shortcuts, built to the highest structural standards and without strain on the customer. My time involvement was minimized in avoiding follow up activities with architects, electricians, etc.”   Luke Williams, Owner, Total Tree Care, Cheshire

“Munger made a lasting impression on us. Installing a new roof atop the old one prior to beginning the renovation proved that they were listening. They worked around our need for space and we appreciated that the same foreman was on the job for the entire project. He continuously made helpful suggestions during the six month project. Unlike experiences I’ve had with other builders, Munger’s subcontractors arrived on time 95% of the time and Munger showed a consistent knack for bringing in their subcontractors for quick needs that weren’t included in the project plan.” Dr. Ralph Schoemann, Guilford Veterinary Hospital Owner