Landmark Dealership Completed for Premier Subaru in Branford, CT

Published on: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

The all new Premier Subaru, located at 155 North Main Street in Branford, is now open for business. This marks the second major construction project Pat Munger Construction Company, Inc. has completed for owner, Bob Alvine and the Premier Auto Group. The 33,000 SF, state-of-the-art dealership, provides customers with the ultimate car buying experience and cutting-edge technology for service and repairs.

Highlights of the facility include an 8-car showroom with a large collection of offices and cubicles for employees. Customers can relax in the 50-seat waiting area that is complimented by a fireplace, several TVs, and a live moss wall that extends into the showroom area. The 30-bay service area includes 18 Drive-Thru Service lanes, 3 Express Service lifts and 2 computer alignment stations.

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The new dealership incorporates many special features that proved to be both challenging and rewarding for the Munger team. Mr. Alvine’s passion for vintage Subaru vehicles is reflected in the new dealership layout and design. The new facility offers a unique opportunity to showcase his considerable collection. Munger worked with the Subaru design team and the architect to include a mezzanine over the showroom that displays several of the classic vehicles. A taller entry vestibule, that varied from the national Subaru design standards, was incorporated into the plans to allow an additional Subaru to be showcased. The store front glass system makes the entire showroom visible from Route 1. Additionally, an underground Radiant Heat System was installed under the service ride-up area, all sidewalks and sections of the interior. This system prevents any snow from accumulating which drastically reduces maintenance and liability in the winter.

Munger truly values the continued trust Premier Auto Group and President, Bob Alvine, put in our team. “Munger’s long-term relationship with Mr. Alvine is what means the most to us”, said David DeMaio, Munger president. “We are honored to once again have the opportunity to showcase Munger Services and Core Values through the completion of this prestigious and noteworthy project.”

Stay tuned for a detailed Success Story highlighting the design and construction phases of this project.