Our Partners

Working in cooperation with our external partners provides Munger the unique opportunity to be involved in the entire construction project, from concept to completion. Partnering with architects, designers and end users during the design phase allows for value engineering, and creation of detailed, accurate proposals within the budget provided. Partnering with Varco Pruden Buildings provides customers the advantage of receiving outstanding engineering capabilities and a superior product from one of the leading metal building systems manufacturers in the world. Throughout the construction phase our partnership with trusted sub-contractors insures the highest standards are met in all specialty trade areas. Ultimately each unique partnership results in unequaled customer service and lifetime relationships, earned each day on every project.

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Partnership For Success: Building Systems Manufacturer

Varco Pruden Buildings

Varco Pruden Buildings (VP) is a world leader in providing innovative steel building solutions through a purposefully planned network of Authorized VP Builders who offer state-of-the-art design/build services for low-rise, non-residential buildings that combine aesthetic appeal with optimum functionality. www.vp.com

A Powerful, Mutually Beneficial Business Relationship 

“Munger specifies VP for all of our pre-engineered steel building solutions because of the quality of VP products and the processes that make it easy for Munger to operate. We appreciate VP’s talented employees and leaders who believe that their success is directly linked to our success and who are in lockstep with our core values.” David DeMaio, Munger CEO

Clients Rely on Munger to Integrate the Right Products into their Design 

The Lee Company, Building 82

Partnering with Varco Pruden provides a strategic advantage for Munger clients who want a building that is designed and constructed to achieve defined business results. Because Varco Pruden only sells through an authorized builder network, the customer is assured that both the high quality, finely engineered product, and the proper installation by a builder familiar with that product, is guaranteed. “After evaluating five design-build scenarios created by Munger, my client and I selected the design that maximized usable floor-to-40-ft-high ceiling rack space. Munger worked with VP to re-engineer their standard design to include
I-beams with no increase in price. The building is very economical to heat due to increased wall insulation recommended by Munger. The building’s interior was lined with the same panels included on the exterior so that the insulation was not exposed internally as it normally is in a metal building. This made the interior aesthetically appealing and avoided future insulation damage from exposure to the work environment. It’s been ten years since building completion and there have been no requirements for repair.” Tom Kores, Independent Mechanical Engineer

Varco Pruden Benefits from its Munger Relationship 

As an Authorized VP Builder since 1992 Munger helps Varco Pruden to always deliver on its brand promise of consistent quality and integrity in design and construction for each project.

“Their team’s careful attention to detail ensures that Munger buildings move smoothly through the design process and minimizes any field issues. Munger places systems orders with clarity and accuracy, which assists VP’s engineering and manufacturing processes.”
Wyatt Phillips, VP District Manager

“Munger’s senior management consistently participates in VP advisory boards and provides input on what is happening in the field and how to continually improve VP products and services. Munger’s solid business plan and succession plan provide VP and customers with confidence in knowing that Munger will be around for a long time and will honor its commitments.”
Ken Stevens, VP Corporate Account Manager

Architects Benefit from the Munger-VP Partnership 



“VP is the easiest metal building manufacturer to work with from a design team perspective” Al Lombardi, Structural Engineer, Michael Horton Associates

“Munger’s decades long relationship with VP confirms that Munger is very satisfied with its choice of VP as their metal building systems partner” Scott Small, Elm City Architects

Munger’s close relationship with VP engineers fosters excellent design coordination and access to VP’s diverse building experiences. As outlined in the Architect Partnership for Success document, Munger utilizes design-build experience to develop realistic, accurate and detailed project budgets before full design is complete. This reduces design fees and allows clients to develop a connection with their building.

Munger Embraces VP Buildings as a Trusted Partner

VP’s breadth of metal building systems and products places Munger in a unique position to develop practical approaches to design ideas and unique requests from architects and clients who want to benefit from the most current innovations in metal building solutions.

Steve Mansfield utilizing VP Command

VP Command, a powerful design, engineering, estimating, and ordering program available to Authorized VP Builders, facilitates streamlined communications between Munger, clients, architects and engineers throughout the design-build process. It allows Munger to reduce design and estimating time, accurately detail the building structure and efficiently process the material through VP manufacturing. This ensures material quality, leading to faster construction and effective project management. Pre-engineered materials are delivered to the construction site ready to be assembled by the Munger team.

“Aside from VP’s product and engineering excellence that allow Munger to efficiently execute the design-build process, the most significant factor in our selection of VP Buildings is the total customer satisfaction we enjoy from design through project completion.” Steve Mansfield, Munger Vice President